Chairman. The Opera

“Köler Prize 2013. Exhibition of Nominees,” EKKM
27 April – 16 June 2013

“Chairman. The Opera” is a fictive opera about the most notorious gay man in Tartu. On the photographic rendering of the play we can see different scenes from the life of the Chairman. The fictive opera based on archival material and interviews gives an overview of the life of sexual minorities in Soviet Estonia.

The installation won both the Köler Prize and the People’s Choice Award.

Johanna Kivimägi, Al Masson, OÜ Valge Kuup (Jaana Jüris and Neeme Külm), Tui Hirv and  Reimo-Võsa Tangsoo.

This work has been made with the support of Estonian Cultural Endowment, the Factory of Art and Design and the FAIR residency programme in Copenhagen.

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